>>>>> July 28 2015 <<<<<

Oooooh! Really excited to share with you this new design I created for the lovely Olivia and Grant, who are to be married this summer in Napier at the beautiful Mission Estate Winery, YAY!!! Blush flora, navy and a sprinkling of brassy gold! A true partnership of element that harmonise together like a group of singing angels! I love the romance in this suite and the slight 1930's touch. Digitally printed on Metallic Gold 350gsm, means we could achieve a true metallic gold for the text. This design is now part of the ever growing collection. Enjoy these photographic frames I have put together. xox


>>>>> May 20 2015 <<<<<

H O O R A Y! ! It's finally happened! So much embarrassing dancing happening in my little studio at the moment, my dog is dancing with me, but my husband is looking at me as if to say' what have I married?! But I don't care, because after a looong thought out process, my rebranding is complete and my new brand is out, proud and ready to keep up with this little big business of mine! Welcome to Fox and the Hare Design Studio, still designing super swoonful stationery as I did with Wendy Maree Collection, but now with a name and look that really speaks what I believe in.
The story behind this major exciting R E - B R A N D you ask? Well this decision wasn't made lightly and it was a little scary but in the end I would not have it any other way, I had to go with my self belief, my gut feeling, my intuition and my heart on this one. This little big business is growing and I needed a vision that would grow with me. The Fox and the Hare was born and is as ready as I am! The Fox and the Hare are symbols that represent how I view love. We know love comes in different physical forms but no matter how different one love is to another love to the naked eye, the feeling of love is always the same. As my little poem suggests ' even though so unlikely...' you can not control who you love. So L O V E that someone to the moon and back and then some. Then ask them to MARRY YOU..... so I can design your stationery...tehe, just say'n. Enjoy looking through my swish new website! xox